About Us


We work hard to create an inclusive, supportive culture that encourages innovation, forward thinking, and connections that provide holistic, individualized solutions for our clients.  Each client is unique, and as the market changes, solutions need to be more tailored and holistic in scope.

We are constantly vetting our products to be sure we are offering only the most effective and dependable options.


Over the years, our standards have evolved from both industry best practices and our team’s experience. Our knowledge and commitment to our clients ensures we consistently meet our goal of exceptional service as defined by you – our clients.

Not only are we a values-driven company, we also offer the best possible products and services, while our company’s vision truly shines through our support. Our management team and their staff monitor customer care and satisfaction at all levels to ensure we meet the highest standards.

We know that it takes more than innovative tools to build businesses, and we will listen, think, and respond to your suggestions, so that you can achieve your financial goals.


C & K Moneyline strives to establish itself as the preferred stock market educational company by serving the multicultural South African environment with customized services suited to the Rainbow Nation we serve, to turn our brand into an icon, and to delight our customers at every touch point, while educating the young, empowering the disadvantaged, serving the mature and assisting the retired.

We will fully utilize our human resources to provide our customers with state-of-the-art technical analysis tools, as well as the knowledge and experience to trade successfully on the stock market.

We will make use of cutting-edge technology to retain our standing as market leaders, and to maximize communication channels with our customers.

We will apply financial resources to grow our Company, and to uplift the community which supports us, to create wealth, hope and new horizons.

Taking our customers from dream, to goal, to reality is what we stand for. Using technology and our in-house expertise as an enabler, we wish to successfully guide you on this exciting journey – called financial independence.


Our vision is to make successful investments on the JSE possible to all people, to guide private individuals through the challenges and obstacles to reach financial independence, by providing state of the art technical analysis tools, information that is up to date and current, education, to acknowledge achievements, and customized products suited to different knowledge levels, while offering immediate service, support and assistance.

Our aim is to become the preferred service provider through practicing business ethic, fair trade and by offering impartial, transparent business propositions to our customers.

To listen to our customers and take their requests into consideration using open communication channels, in order to serve our customer’s needs and wants. Using innovation and initiative to gain, and retain the major market share, while adhering to the JSE’s accreditation criteria.

We strive to add value through service, and thereby secure the future of our customers and of the Company, to create a new world where wealth and prosperity is available to any person, irrelevant of current knowledge and experience.