Franchises & Distributors

Franchises and Distributors open doors for end-users to become active investors on the stock market by providing knowledge and experience, as well as the tools required to analyze the market while minimizing risk.


They canvas clients through social media and networking, referrals, cold calling and tele-sales.


This opportunity is now available to you!  Various finance options, depending on the retail-option preferred, are available.


Region:  Nationally (Head Office:  Centurion)


Profile:  A desire, and motivated to succeed with excellent people skills is a must.  A self-starter with good communication skills and be able to take control of people and situations.  Hands-on will ensure the best outcome.  Managerial and sales experience will be an advantage.


Training:  Comprehensive product, marketing and business skills training will be provided initially and on-going at existing franchises and Head Office (retail-option dependent).


Support:  In setting up your operation (area, size requirements, branding and legal requirements), and in recruiting and training initial personnel.


Contact Christo Oosthuizen on +27(12) 940 0800 to arrange a comprehensive franchise proposal.


We are always looking to expand and grow our current operations!  If you are interested in becoming part of our family, and would like to opportunity to determine your own salary, one of the following Centurion positions might be for you:


·   Are you self-motivated, able to work under pressure and capable of thinking on your feet?

·   Are you fully bilingual (speak, read and write)?


No experience needed – full training will be provided


·   Basic salary, commission and excellent incentives

·   Work from Mondays to Fridays (with occasional Saturday training workshops) in our comfortable offices with an energized atmosphere, where you can interact and collaborate to become part of our collective identity

·   Various opportunities to grow!


·   Are you a people’s-person, who don’t want to be office bound?

·   Are you self-motivated, and looking to break your glass ceiling?

·   Are you fully bilingual (speak, read and write), and have your own reliable transport?


    No experience needed – full initial- and ongoing training will be provided;

    Assistance with goal-setting, and the achievement thereof will be provided continuously;

    Flexible working hours.


·   Above Average Commission and excellent incentives;

·   Personal growth will secure your future!


Contact George Poolman on +27(12) 940 0800 for more information, and to arrange an interview.