Our Services

ShareTrackin is the ultimate tool for investment management. You can monitor the stock market with the help of filters, advisors and indicators. Trace your investments with the help of the in-depth accounting module and with daily data updates you now have the power to browse an exchange for the best investment opportunities.

These tools will assist in the step by step development of your investment strategy and the refining thereof. It will also enable you to learn and use the various investment instruments . . .

ShareTrackin is the vehicle to achieve financial success.


We have up-to-date information on all JSE listed shares and make this available to our clients, for informative purposes when considering the buying or selling of shares.  This includes Market News, SENS ( Stock Exchange News Service ), Director Dealings and Financial Statements to only name a few.

We offer our clients access to a list of share recommendations, based off of in-depth market analysis made by our “Market Guru” – Moxima Gama – which informs our clients of possible shares to buy.

Skeptical about our Winning Shares List ? 

Our Guru will set you at ease.  The Webinars we provide will inform you on the analysis applied in identifying a “Winning Share” and our Guru will give you tips and tricks to invest wisely.

There's More...

We are always looking for opportunities to interact with our clients, and this is the forum where you can have your say!  Our online blog as well as weekly real-time discussion groups via Go-To-Webinar and Skype builds confidence in your own abilities and allows you to develop that gut feel to recognize scenarios.


Share investment and trading strategies with our gurus as well as other clients.  Discuss concerns freely and openly, gain the skill and know-how to dispel the fear of the unknown.


Our aim is to build long-term, open-ended relationships of trust with our clients. 

As part of our services, we give our clients access to an Investment Calculator as well as a Financial Independence Calculator which – if used realistically – can give you a fair representation of how your financial situation can be bettered through the trading of shares.

One of the most important aspects of learning how to make money from shares is to learn the language of investment. If you do not know what a “minority shareholder” is or a “solvency and liquidity test” and other words and phrases which are frequently used in the share market, then how will you be able to understand what is going on? To help you with this we have built and maintain the most up-to-date and comprehensive glossary of investment terms available in South Africa. There are hundreds of charts and diagrams included in the extended explanations.


The glossary is constantly up-dated as changes occur in the share market, in various laws and in the shares themselves. Using the glossary, you should be able to find the meaning of any term which you read in the financial press. You should understand the language of the markets.


Example :  In-the-money : A phrase used to describe the situation where an investment instrument such as a future, option or share can be sold for a profit. This term is used in all markets, but particularly in the derivatives market. An option, for example, is in-the-money if it can be sold for a profit. You should use the “Investment Calculator” included in your software to calculate the price at which an investment will be in-the-money before you buy.

This will tell you how much, in percentage terms, the investment must go up before it becomes profitable. The opposite is “out-of-the-money”.