One of the biggest challenges when investing is the age old question – when to buy – when to sell.

That is exactly the question we answer with the golden goose. A renowned technical analyst with over 15 years of experience will help you identify the perfect timing.

As one of the top 5 technical analysts in the country sits behind this module – the information provided in the golden goose tool is the result of hours’ worth of effort spend weekly on actual technical analysis which you can access and use in your trading decisions.


Don’t have allot of time to analyze a collection of shares in the appropriate sectors for prevailing market conditions ? Don’t have years of experience reading charts and identifying opportunities ?

The golden goose module guides you in the right direction. With easy to use filters – one can locate buy opportunities – correct levels to be out of the share – even opportunities approaching buy / sell signals.

Don’t have time to stare at the screen all day to monitor for signals triggered ? No problem – the system sends out SMS’es with technical information on opportunities identified.

With signals for both daily and weekly entry and exit points, both longer term equity traders as well as those interested in leveraged instruments like CFD’s – can benefit.

Launch Promotion

Buying the module in the month of August – will afford you a 2 month’s free subscription after your initial purchase.  


The cost ? R 99.00 per month – yes, for R 99.00 per month for a minimum of a 12 month subscription you get :

  • A dashboard view with buy / sell levels.
  • A graphical view of the share’s movement relative to the pre populated levels.
  • An automated SMS service that will alert you of opportunities.
  • An SMS alert system that will notify you the moment any of the shares invested in from the golden goose recommendations – turned bearish (downward trend)

How to buy

Simply head over to the product catalogue – do an online purchase (recurring subscription for 12 months min)

The module will be added to your Sharetrackin Platform.

*Add on module only available for existing Sharetrackin clients. Want to become a client to benefit from this module – please contact