Sharetrackin Webinars

The Webinars

Your training program also includes a syllabus of Webinars which provide you with a short video lecture on a range of investment-related topics: These webinars are a very important part of your training. They will help you to better understand concepts and ideas which cannot easily be conveyed by a written lecture. In some cases the material in the webinars is similar to that contained in a written lecture module – but both formats have their benefits for you.

We suggest that you view the webinars many times in order to get the in-depth understanding which can only come from spaced repetition. The more times you view these the more clearly you will understand the material. As with the lecture modules and the glossary, additional material is being added all the time. We are constantly up-dating existing lectures, webinars and glossary terms and then we are also adding new lectures, webinars and glossary terms.

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