Online Lectures & Training Videos

An entire syllabus of electronic modules have been designed to take you step-by-step from a position of no knowledge up to the point where you can make profitable and well-informed share selections and timing decisions for yourself.

Each lecture is structured so as to make your learning experience as easy and fluid as possible.


The twenty lecture modules in this section aim to give the complete beginner a solid background knowledge of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, beginning with the motivation for share investing, the mechanics of the stock market, how to open a stockbroking account and how to buy and sell shares. Two of these lectures deal with the Stock Exchange Handbook as an important resource for the private investor. Other lectures deal with such important topics as stop-loss and mental posture.


The lectures in this section strive to answer the question, ``How good will this company be as a generator of dividends in the future?`` This begins with an understanding and interpretation of company financial statements together with all the language that surrounds them and goes on to ratio analysis and advanced topics in share assessment and selection.


Technical analysis is the study of patterns in share prices and volumes. These lectures begin with the rationale for pattern recognition and proceed to examine various mathematical methods of pattern analysis. The analysis of these patterns is divided into formation analysis, line charts (of which there are many) and finally cycle theory. The use of computers to scan vast quantities of share market data has revolutionised share market timing and to a lesser extent, share selection.


Shares are part-ownerships of a company - which exists and operates within the local and international economies. These lectures strive to prove the investor with a sound background in both the micro- and macro-economics which influence share prices. These lectures deal inter alia with the money supply, the business cycle, inflation and the balance of payments.

Included with your lectures are short video lectures on a range of investment-related topics, which are a very important part of your training. They will help you to better understand concepts and ideas which cannot easily be conveyed by a written lecture. In some cases, the material in the webinars are similar to that contained in a written lecture module – but both formats have their benefits for you. 



Seminars are held regularly in major metropolitan areas by our guru, Moxima Gama.



Live weekly webinars are available to our clients and are hosted in a fun, easy to understand manner.  These webinars allow you not only to better understand the market, but also gain first hand insight into how the professionals do analysis – what buying signals to look out for and what to be cautious of, while offering you the chance to ask questions, and get immediate answers and opinions.

Fix My Portfolio

Fix My Portfolio

Schedule a private, one-on-one session with one of our gurus to discuss your current standing, to look at wise choices and correct mistakes.  We assist you every step of the way!

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