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In today’s economic climate, there has never been a better time to learn to trade.
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Are you a brokerage firm?

No, C&K Moneyline is not a brokerage firm.  We will however refer you to a reasonably priced brokerage with whom we have established a long-term relationship.

Are you registered with FSB

No, C&K Moneyline is not registered with the FSB as analysis are done of historic data and not predictions.  We use facts and reduce your risks by enabling you to make informed decisions.

Are you a Financial Service Provider, and can you give me investment advice?

No, C&K Moneyline is not a registered Financial Service Provider.  We do make use of independently registered gurus, who are capable of giving you advice.

Do I need a computer and Internet access to become a client?

Our tools have been developed to do most of the work for you.  In order to fully utilize it, a computer (or other device) and Internet is required.

Can I install the program on more than one device?

The system is web based, can be accessed from your preferred device (tablet, smartphone, laptop or desktop), and is Windows, Apple and Android compatible.

How much data will I use for this program?

The system has a very small traffic footprint, and under normal circumstances should not exceed 500 MB per month.   This is however dependent on how much time is spend using the 15-minute delayed data-feeds.

I am not very computer literate. Will I be able to understand and utilize this?

We will provide you with one-on-one training and on-line tutorials to use the analysis tools to its full potential.  We also provide a 24-hour backup and support service to assist you should you get stuck.

Will this program tell me what to buy and sell?

The analysis tools make use of historical data, technical indicators and investment strategies to give you an indication of the direction of a share.  We will also provide you with the knowledge and tools that will enable you to analyze your own trades, and to make informed decisions.

What is a “stock pick SMS” and what do I do with it?

Stock pick SMS alerts indicate a possible positive track.  It implies that an opportunity worth considering may be on the cards.

How does your SMS’s work: What does stop loss and target value mean?

A stop loss indicates that a share has lost the maximum allowable percentage of its value and must be sold.  The target value indicates that the growth on your investment have reached saturation as per your set parameters.  Please refer to the glossary and lectures for a more detailed explanation.

What if I have never traded on the JSE before?

You do not need any experience or knowledge to become a subscriber.  We will provide you with simple and easy-to-understand knowledge and tools, as well as trial trading for you to develop strategies to become confident in your own abilities.

Do I need a brokerage account?

As soon as you are ready to start real trading on the JSE, you will need an account.  We will refer you to a reasonably priced brokerage with whom we have a working relationship and assist you with the opening your trading account.  Be advised that the normal FICA regulations are applicable when opening a brokerage account.

Who is the best broker to open my account with?

Even though we can refer you to a reasonably priced broker with whom we have established a long-term relation, it remains a personal choice.

How much time will it take me to become knowledgeable and start trading?

Our courses are designed to allow you to set your own pace. You can take as little or as much time as you would like to review the course material. We have found, though, that those clients who spend more time studying tend to perform better when exposed to the markets.

How much time will it take daily to invest and manage my investments?

Your investing style will determine how much time per day you need to devote to your investments. The more active you are, the more time you will need to spend analyzing potential trades and monitoring your current trades.

I don’t have time to do this. How can I decrease the time needed?

After you successfully completed the modules and your training, you should not have to spend more than between 15 and 30 minutes per day on the system to monitor your investments.  It is normal to spend at least 8 hours per day at work, so if you expect your returns to be more than your salary, you need to spend the same amount of time on analysis.

When is the best time to buy during the day?

The JSE is open for trading between 09:00 and 17:00 on weekdays.  You can however do your analysis in the evening after close of market, or anytime during the day, and send your instruction to buy or sell with a transaction price through to your broker.

Can I trade (give my instruction) at night?

Yes, you can.  If you have access to the internet and the brokerage platform of your broker, you can place a buy/sell order at a specific price or price range, electronically. This will effectively enact or come into effect when the market opens the following trading day.

Do I trade using live-, 15 minute delayed-, or end-of-day prices?

Even though 15-minute delayed prices are available on our system,  they can still be very volatile.  We offer end-of-day price charts analysis, and don’t support live intraday trading.

How much money is needed to start investing and/or buy my first share?

Rule # 1:  NEVER borrow to invest!
Rule # 2:  NEVER invest what you can’t afford to live without!
Rule # 3:  NEVER have all your eggs in one basket!

An adequate amount to start investing should be in the vicinity of about R10,000.

What if I am an experienced trader? Is this for me?

We offer courses, clubs, seminars and webinars that cater for beginner, intermediate and advanced traders. Therefore, regardless of your investing experience, we will accommodate you.

I have additional questions not covered in this FAQ:

Our support team will assist you 24/7.  Please make use of the “Ask a Question” under our subscribers area, or support@sharetrackin.com.  Alternatively, contact us on 0860 10 10 93 (office hours), 083 268 6588 / 082 781 9885 (all hours).


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