Christo & Karien Oosthuizen

Christo & Karien Oosthuizen

Founder & MD
Founder & MD
  • Speciality :
    Investment Management
  • Experience :
    25 Years
  • Skill :
    Stock Market Analyst

About Christo & Karien

Back in 1996 founder and MD Christo Oosthuizen had nothing but FAITH and the believe that through a POSITIVE ATTITUDE anything is possible.

After having endured hardship in early life, Christo relied on sales to make a living. He became involved in the selling of stock market educational lectures, and soon realized that this is the key. Only on the JSE can you catch hold of the coat-tails of the smartest business managers in South Africa – and ride the wave with them. You cannot be a director of Pick ‘n Pay, Anglo American, Sasol, or Standard Bank – but you can benefit directly from their amazing skills and growth.

His love for people gave him uncommon knowledge and experience in human behavior, and he soon realized that there was a gap in the market: customers were battling with the charting lectures. It took extreme discipline to buy a newspaper every day, and sit with graph paper plotting the lines of a share that may be of interest. Calculating and plotting even the most basic indicators would take up hours, and this left little time for a normal person to even get to the lecture modules!

Shortly after founding the Company, Christo was joined by his wife, Karien. Having her own set of unique skills, she relied strongly on her sixth sense, and had a logical and practical approach to problems. Employees fondly refer to the husband-and-wife team as the visionary and the realist, and together, they made Christo’s vision of charting and analytical software a reality.

Sharetrackin, the Software that Cares for your Shares, was born, and is already in its 6th generation with over 25 years of intellectual property built in. The tool matured into a formidable educational, simulation and analysis system with features driven by both algorithms refined over years of research and development, as well as modules controlled by seasoned stock market analysts with combined experience of nearly 100 years to give clients insight into great opportunities to look out for.

Joining the Sharetrackin team will not qualify you as a broker, but your knowledge will be firmly grounded on tried and tested strategies, enabling you to choose the best shares and to time your transactions for the best profit.

Nobody cares about your money except you! Sharetrackin was founded on what you, our customer wants, and by following the same principles, we will keep providing you with the best products and services to suit your ever changing needs.

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